30 businesses you can start with little capital.

Why not make some money after reading this?

   After a thorough overview of our economy, I decided to come up with this list of 30 businesses you can start with little capital which I believe will favour those that wants a positive change in their financial status.
   Well,we all know that poverty is not by chance but by choice.Nobody is born to be poor.


     Shame is one of the causes of poverty. When you start to do small work that will generate you income, some questions will be running your mind. Questions like: What will my friends, family members and loved one's say? Believe me,if you let this kind of mentality run your mind then your chance of making it in life is narrow.
      The best thing you can do to make things better is to SHUN SHAME AND BE RICH. Below are some of the top business you can start with just little capital. Take a look.
  1. Ice cream/yoghurt production.
  2. Production of insecticides.
  3. Small export and import services.
  4. Newspaper vendor.
  5. GSM repairs.
  6. Book writing and selling of books.
  7. Mini restaurant.
  8. Printing and selling of greeting cards.
  9. Riding of motor bike services(Okada).
  10. Frying of yam and beans cake in bus stops.
  11. Make-up business.
  12. Video or computer game business.
  13. Stand-up comedy and MC at weddings and other social gatherings.
  14. Event planning business.
  15. Website designing services.
  16. Soap production.
  17. Private teaching or tutorial centers.
  18. Fish farming.
  19. Laundry services.
  20. Poultry farming.
  21. Dog breeding and training.
  22. Fitness centre.
  23. Travelling agency.
  24. Interior designing business.
  25. Internet marketing business.
  26. Advertising agency.
  27. Computer maintainace services.
  28. Pig farming.
  29. Herbs and root.
  30. Branding of shirts And Jerseys.

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