Genres of music in Africa.

There are distinctive occasions for each type of African music.The African Diaspora,west African music and the music of the colonies each had different musical instruments. The west African music was the music of the African people.This happened before the European captured and sold them into slavery in the Americans.The west African music was documented around the 1600's when explorers wrote journals about what they found and experience while traveling.
  The west Africans are Lovers of music that's why every west African village had it's own professional musicians,singers and instrumentalists to perform for a community.
They used idiophones to make music.They used things like small xylophone or small pianos and bells, castanets,gongs and sometimes flutes.
  The African music went wide and it result to various and different types of music such as;

Afro beat- This is created by Fela Kuti,by using fusing traditional Nigerian music,jazz and highlife.Today it is mixed with hip hop or makossa.
Apala- Apala is based on the style of Yoruba Muslims in Nigeria,West Africa.
Assiko- This is a rhythm dance from the Cameroon.
Bikutsi- This is a traditional music of Beti in Cameroon.
Banga music- It's a popular music in Kenya.They uses the electronic bass guitar.
Bongo Flava- it's a Tanzanian music style.
Cobo-love- From Cape Verde.
Chimurenga music-It is a popular style from the Zimbabwes.
Coladaira-From Cape Verde.
Coupé-Decalé-It is a pop music from the Ivory coast/France with danceable deep bass.
Desert  blues- Blues was first started in the Sahara desert by people who lived there before it got famous in the West.
Fuji- This is a popular music from Nigeria by the Yoruba Muslims.
Funana- It is from Cape Verde which is based on the accordeon.
Gbema- It's from Liberia.
Highlife- This is a genre from Ghana and popular in all of English speaking West Africa.
Hipco- It's from Liberia.
Hiplife-From Ghana. The mixture of highlife and hip pop.
Kizomba- Kizomba means party in an Angolan language.It is spreading in Europe and North America.
Kwaito- It's by the south Africans.
Kwasa-Kwasa- From Congo.
Makosea-From Cameroon.
Maringa- From Sierra Leone.
Mapouke- From Ivory coast.
Mbalax-It is Senegal must popular style.
Morna- From Cape Verde.
Ndombolo- From Congo.
Palm wine music-From Liberia.
Semba-From Angola.
Soukous- From Congo.
Taarab-From Kenya and Tanzania.
Trapco- From Liberia.

Although,those of some of the genre of music in Africa.They are still incomplete.Please use the comment box to tell us your best African music style.


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