How to overcome my mistake.

      We are all humans and we are all bound to make mistakes. But, what do you think? Are you always making the same mistake over and over again?Or are you the type that makes mistake and learn from it an never to do it again?
      Well,if that first question is indirectly pointing to you then you should seat down and think.Just imagine yourself standing in a very long cue in a bank hoping the ATM will pay you but when it gets to your turn,the ATM stopped working. You left there and move to about three or four banks and the same thing happened.What will be your reaction to it. I'm very sure you'll be extraordinary angry and disappointed. That's how it is when you keep repeating a mistake.

                  Now stop thinking.

        Try to relate this scenario to your repeatable mistakes. Put your self in the shoes of the person receiving the mistake, it won't be easy right?

          Reasons to admit your mistake.

1. It's the right thing to do.
2. People are more likely to forgive those that admit their mistake.
3. It will make you more responsible and trustworthy.
     How can you overcome your mistake? While,dwelling on past mistake are like staring in the rearview mirror while driving a car. Well,if you made a mistake in the past and you notice you are about to repeat it, just try to imagine the results of your action and mend your ways. If you continue preventing them before it happens then you'll likely be able to overcome them.

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