How to plan for my exams.

   For sure we all want to pass our exams. If you're having problems trying to study, you can read this and get some help on how to cope and do better.There are various preparing methods and if you take your time and energy to read and understand every bit of this guidelines here, I'm sure that you'll notice your improvement.
   During study there are different things you just need to do. We'll discuss some of them here.

  • Give yourself time to study:  Some students find it difficult to study before their exams.
    Some might start cramming at the last minute to the exam. Well, I will tell you that it's not the right way of reading or rather trying to learn. If you notice that you don't have time to study then you should try to set up a time table for yourself.

  • Organise a place to study: Organising a place to study will help you to be focused, you won't get distracted at all.
     You should make sure you have enough space to spread your textbooks and notes. If you're a lover of computer, make sure you get rid of your phones and computers and anything that will cause your distraction.

  • Practice old exams: This is very important and helpful because it's one of the effective ways to prepare for your exam. Practicing n old exams you'll be able to know the pattern and format in which the question will be set and also set time for yourself to know how fast you can finish.
  • Explain your answer to others: You might have younger ones that usually play around and make noise to get you distracted and fortunately you'll loose focus.
    u can use them to your own advantage. You can explain your answers to them. That will help to get it clear the n your head and also highlight any areas where you need more work.
  • Organise a group study:  Come together with friends to study.
    You may have some questions that need some answers which you can ask and they will answer you and vice versa. As long as staying focused will help you understanding what you are reading then keep it up. It's the best thing to do.

  • Take breaks: You would think studying for long hours will help but it's best to take a break to rest your brain.
    Yes, it will help but it's advisable to take breaks. You can either go playing for a short period of time so that you won't forget all that you have read. Not too long but little and also eat snacks and some brainy food.
Plan the day of your exam: This is the concluding days of your study. Try to know when your exam is coming up. Try to prepare ahead. Try to practice all that you have read. Try to memorize what you've been reading. Try to mark some of the works you have practiced so far. If you keep trying you will notice that it's already a must for you to study because there is joy in studying.

     Well, in conclusion, if you put all these meaningful points into consideration you'll notice a very drastic change in your academics if you are determined.

                          Good luck!

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