Facebook Has a Trustworthiness Score For Users.

At the moment, Facebook is introducing a new rating system for users that evaluates them on their trustworthiness. 

Well, this system helps to fight misinformation among those people who share fake post on Facebook.

Facebook once had problem with misleading informations on its platform and the company has launched some number of initiative to solve those problems.

To solve this problem, Facebook have created different methods of tracking how well a particular user’s assessment agrees with Facebook’s.
If users report a story as fake when it’s actually true, their trustworthiness score will go down, and it will go up if they use the tool as intended.

The "trustworthiness score" is a hidden value only visible to Facebook’s team, and is a single number ranging from 0 to 1. Facebook says that this is just one of several metrics the company uses to evaluate reports from users.

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