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2019 Mercedes‑AMG G 63

Most would look at the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and see a vehicle built for extremes — and they would be absolutely correct. But engineers in Affalterbach looked at the G-Class and said, "Let's make it more extreme." Thus the Mercedes-AMG G 63 was born. And now, they´ve taken that machine to its furthest extreme yet, with a 2019 model that preserves the icon's classic design while making it capable of extraordinary feats.

Total command to every adventure.
The handcrafted AMG 4.0L V8 biturbo engine generates 577 hp and 627 lb-ft of torque. It sprints from 0-100 in just 4.4 seconds. And its two twin scroll turbochargers guarantee a whip-fast response. That power and agility are further enhanced by a 9-speed transmission that uses model-specific software to achieve remarkably fast shift times. In a further departure from the previous model, the AMG Performance 4MATIC all-wheel drive now features a 40 to 60 percent front/rear torque distribution, giving the G 63 maximum tr…

The total body scanner's first scan

New York: The world's first medical imaging scanner that can capture a 3D picture of the entire human body at once in as little as 20-30 seconds has produced its first scans, say scientists, noting that the technology can aid in improving diagnostics to tracking disease progression to researching new drug therapies.
Called EXPLORER, the scanner combines positron emission tomography (PET) and x-ray computed tomography (CT) and can produce image up to 40 times faster.
The machine also captures radiation far more efficiently than other scanners. "The level of detail was astonishing... We could see features that you just don't see on regular PET scans. And the dynamic sequence showing the radiotracer moving around the body in three dimensions over time was, frankly, mind-blowing," said Ramsey Badawi, chief of Nuclear Medicine at at the University of California - Davis, in the US. "There is no other device that can obtain data like this in humans, so this is truly n…

How Google track your location even when it's off.

You probably turned off your location history on your phone in order to maintain your privacy and limit the amount of data your share with some big tech companies.To your surprise,google may still be tracking  your every movement history.

Some of google different services are still tracking users every movement on your iPhone and Andriod phones regardless of whether they've turn off their location history. This was discovered by an AP investigator.

If you start using services like google maps, google will ask you to permit the access to your Andriod or iPhone phone's location.If you agree to the request, you automatically allow google map to take record of your history and it displays your location history on a timeline so that you can view it daily.

How does Google track it? On the google  support page for managing your location history,they said that you can turn off your location history at any time.Well, according to the AP investigators, they discovered that it's not…

10GB RAM Smartphone is about to be launched.

Android smartphones have come up with a massive amount of RAM, with flagships sporting anywhere from 4GB to 8GB of memory. The more RAM a phone has, the better and easy way it handles apps, and we saw earlier this year. 
A variety of comparisons between top Android phones and the iPhone X revealed that the more RAM a handset packs, the more likely is to beat the iPhone in a certain type of speed test. And Chinese smartphone maker Oppo seems to think we need more than 8GB on a smartphone which is absolutely true.
That sounds like overkill for a mobile device. But then again, 8GB did it not too long ago.The first phone to feature 10GB of RAM will be a variation of the Oppo Find X, the Galaxy S9-like handset that was released earlier this year with an almost perfect edge-to-edge notch-less screen. It’s the phone with the slide-out selfie camera.
A listing for the Find X model above is already available on TENAA, the Chinese telecom regulatory body, GizmoChina reports. Well, the listing …