How Google track your location even when it's off.

You probably turned off your location history on your phone in order to maintain your privacy and limit the amount of data your share with some big tech companies.To your surprise,google may still be tracking  your every movement history.

Some of google different services are still tracking users every movement on your iPhone and Andriod phones regardless of whether they've turn off their location history. This was discovered by an AP investigator.

If you start using services like google maps, google will ask you to permit the access to your Andriod or iPhone phone's location.If you agree to the request, you automatically allow google map to take record of your history and it displays your location history on a timeline so that you can view it daily.

How does Google track it?

On the google  support page for managing your location history,they said that you can turn off your location history at any time.Well, according to the AP investigators, they discovered that it's not true.

Some things were noticed that even with your location history off,a number of google apps still automatically store your location data without asking for permission.

AP began it's inquiry into this location tracking issue after a graduate at UC Berkeley who is a researcher observed a notification on her Andriod phone asking her to rate  a recent trip to Kohls even though she had turned off her location history.

Well, to actually stop location services on your Android or iPhone device, Google pointed AP to the web and App activity settings. This setting is turned by default, controls various options for apps and services connected to your Google account.

Google further explained what each setting means,but only after you toggle each one on or off. Turning off location data have been saved which is part of your activity on other Google services such as search and maps.

Location history is a Google product that is entirely opt in and users have the controls to edit, delete or turn it off at any time.As the story notes, we make sure location history users know that when they disable the product we continue to use the location to improve the Google search or use Google for driving directions.

Google was found to be accessing users location even when their GPRS location tracking was off through cell ID codes obtained through cellular towers.

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