How To Earn Bitcoin From Pivot

Pivot app is offering everyone an amazing way to earn bitcoin after installing the pivot app.
Referring friends as well as reading articles, you can earn free bitcoin.

The pivot app is newly launched and it's having a very good concept providing bitcoin.
Well, the app is currently offering 10k power to those who refer friends and the power can be converted into bitcoin depending on the users on that particular day.

Four (4) bitcoins will be distributed among all members everyday. Users who have higher power are advantaged to grab a higher value of bitcoin.
It's fast and east and the payout is very good.
But first, let's know what pivot is.

What is Pivot?

Pivot is a network from China for cryptographic money financial specialist. It's Chinese form is all around worked.
They give digital currency markets, costs and graphics progressively of in excess of 1400 cryptographic forms of money and the freshest blockchain news. What you have to do is to install the pivot app on your phone.

Earning Method of Pivot.

You can easily earn from pivot in several ways.
You can get 10k power of cryptocurrency by just referring friends. Power is the main method of earning in pivot app.
You can make free bitcoin by just reading other posts.
You can get your reward in blockchain wallet.

How To Start.

1.First Visit Offer Page

2.Click On Login Via Google.

3.Now Choose Google Account.

4.In Next Step , You Get Option To Download App.

Pivot App

5.Download App & Open It.

6.Click On Login Now & It Will Detect Your Account.

How To Earn In The App.

1.You Have To Collect Power In App In To Redeem Bitcoins From App.

2.You Can Collect Power By Reading Articles In App As Well As Refering Friends.

3.Power Will Be Converted To Bitcoin Every Next Day According To Distribution.

4.They Will Distribute Daily 4 Bitcoins Among All Users , Higher Power User Get Higher Bitcoins.

How To Read Articles & Earn Power:-

1.On Home Page , Click On Any Article.

Pivot App

2.Scroll Article Till End.

3.At End Click On Get Read Power

Pivot App

4.You Will 200 Power Free By Reading Article In This Way.

Pivot App

5.You Can Earn Free 200 Power Everytime You Read Articles.

6.You Can Earn 4000 Power Daily Maximum By Reading Articles.

Note – Your Daily Power Will Get Converted To Bitcoins Value Next Day , Earn Maximum Power In A Day & Get Maximum Bitcoin Next Day , You Can Sell Bitcoins & Get Money In Bank EasilyEasily.

How To Refer Friends:-

1.Go To Profile Section.

Pivot App

2.Click On Invite Friends.

3.Share Your Link With Friends.

4.When Friend Download App , You Will Get 10000 Power.

5.You Will Also Earn 10% Referal Earnings Of Friend Too.

How To Redeem/Withdraw Bitcoin In App:-

1.On Every Next Day You Power Will Be 0.

2.You Will Earn Bitcoin Value According To Your Power.

Pivot App

3.You Can Check Balance From Wallet Section.

Pivot App

4.After That Enter Your Bitcoin Address & Redeem Your Bitcoin.

5.You Can Redeem Bitcoin In Any App Like Unocoin/Zebpay.

6.Bitcoin Can Be Resell & You Can Money Back In Bank Account Free.


Big Companies On Board.

Well Up to now, almost one hundred new companies and many business pioneers in blockchain industry have opened authority accounts in Pivot. What’s more, in excess of 100k financial specialists is utilizing Pivot to control their ventures.Pivot is free cryptocurrency earning app that can give you bitcoins free. Hope you like this bitcoin earning app.
Keep earning.

Google Hangouts shutdown countdown date

NEW DELHI: The tech giant Google announced in March 2017, that it will split the Google Hangouts into apps called Meet and Chat. Now the company has revealed the official timeline of the shutdown of its Hangouts app. With this new move Google aims to take on its competitors like Slack.

The company has announced that later this year it will start with the transition of classic Hangouts users in G Suite domains to Chat and Meet. This transition will be followed by the consumer transition which will begin in late 2020.

 The company also said that in between April and September 2019 the features from classic Hangouts will come to Chat and in October 2019 the company will start retiring classic Hangouts for G Suite customers.

In an official post the company said, "The above dates are specific to G Suite customers and their end users who use classic Hangouts. We will continue to support consumer use of classic Hangouts, and expect to transition consumers to free Chat and Meet following the transition of G Suite customers.

A more specific timeline will be communicated at a later date."
The Chat will also become available to users on both web and via mobile apps. Users can also continue using classic Hangouts in Gmail, mobile, web or the Chrome extension.

The company also added that it will not start killing the Hangouts for regular users until the G Suite users are comfortable using Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. So, presently, the non- G Suite users don't have to worry about the change. Also the app is likely to die completely in 2020 which means users still have ample time with Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts is not the only messaging app that the company has decided to kill. Last year, the company announced that it is shutting down its messaging app Google Allo. The company introduced the app in 2016 and will completely kill it by March this year.

Facebook will face bigger problems in 2019 warns analyst

Already mired in controversies, social networking giant Facebook should brace itself for another tough year as its revenue growth faces risk due to increased scrutiny of the platform's usage by marketers, according to Pivotal Research analyst Brian Wieser.
In a note published in MediaVillage on Monday, Wieser maintained his "sell" recommendation on the company's stock.

"On a negatively revised price target for 2019, we maintain our Sell recommendation on Facebook as we think downside risks on higher costs and management changes are more pronounced now vs. before...," Wieser said.
"...and revenue growth also faces risks as marketers enhance their scrutiny when they assess their use of the platform," he added.

Facebook had a tough year in 2018. Scrutiny of Facebook increased manifold since it revealed earlier in 2018 how a London-based political consultancy, that worked for US President Donald Trump's campaign, improperly got access to data of up to 87 millions users.

Appearing before a US Congress Committee in April 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologised for the Cambridge Analytica data leak scandal.
While Facebook was slammed for revealing the Cambridge Analytica scandal years after it got to know of it, similar allegations of inaction were also levelled at the social media site for its role in the spread of false and divisive messages by Russian-linked accounts during the 2016 US presidential election.

Again in September 2018, Facebook said that a breach had exposed data of 50 million people and then, in December, it reported another security breach where nearly 6.8 million users risked their private photos being exposed to third-party apps.
User numbers at Facebook were flat in North America and declined slightly in Europe in third-quarter information released in October, although total monthly active users worldwide went up to 2.27 billion from 2.23 billion on the previous quarter, CNBC reported.

In Wieser's analysis, Facebook's problems are unlikely to go away in 2019.
Pivotal estimates that Facebook made between $5 billion and $7 billion from Chinese advertisers in 2018, and that might also be a problem this year if economic weakness continues in China, the CNBC report said on Monday.

How to improve your phone internal storage


We all love Androids, but we get frightened anytime we see a pop-up message like "Low Internal Storage". This will continue to pop-up if you have no solution to the problem. That's whywe look for a phone with a better Internal Storage to buy so that we can avoid low storage issues. Worry no more about your internal storage because you've found a solution.

The best way to improve your Android internal storage is to borrow it from the SD card. I'm very sure some people will be asking "How this is possible?".Yes, it can be done.
You can't just pull storage from the air and add it to the device. No, it has to come from somewhere and an external storage is the only way out here.
There are some conditions necessary before you perform this trick.

Conditions necessary for this trick to work.

  • The Android version must be Mershmallow or above.
  • The phone must have the support for external memory.
  • The SD card used in the process must be high-speed class 10 SD card. Just a fair point of warning - If you proceed with a slow speed memory card, it might result in your Android slowing down in the long run.


  1. The first step is to "Format The SD card"
The first step in the process, would be to format SD card. But first make sure that you have taken a backup of all your data before you start the format.

  2. The second step "Format as Internal storage"

Post the format, head over to Settings >Storage and USB. Depending on your phone specifications, here you will be able to see the free space on your device.

Go to Portable storage and once inside, tap on the hamburger menu on the upper right corner. A menu will pop up showing two options — View and Settings. Tap on Settings.

The Settings menu contain only a handful of options. Our weapon of choice here is the option called Format as internal. This option will erase all the data from the SD card and will pan the SD card as part of the internal memory.

The whole process roughly takes around five minutes to complete, depending on your phone’s configuration.

Once that’s done, you will see that the device storage shows a cumulative of both the memories, with the option for portable storage gone.

So, it’ll take you only a few minutes to increase the phone’s internal memory.

As the phone treats the SD card as a part of the internal storage, an unplanned ejection may result in an unstable phone and may cause a forceful shutdown of the apps.

However, not all phones come with an option to modify the external storage into adoptable storage, such as the Samsung and Xiaomi devices. So for those devices which haven’t been blessed with this feature, fear not, we have a nifty trick to do just that.