How To Earn Bitcoin From Pivot

Pivot app is offering everyone an amazing way to earn bitcoin after installing the pivot app.
Referring friends as well as reading articles, you can earn free bitcoin.

The pivot app is newly launched and it's having a very good concept providing bitcoin.
Well, the app is currently offering 10k power to those who refer friends and the power can be converted into bitcoin depending on the users on that particular day.

Four (4) bitcoins will be distributed among all members everyday. Users who have higher power are advantaged to grab a higher value of bitcoin.
It's fast and east and the payout is very good.
But first, let's know what pivot is.

What is Pivot?

Pivot is a network from China for cryptographic money financial specialist. It's Chinese form is all around worked.
They give digital currency markets, costs and graphics progressively of in excess of 1400 cryptographic forms of money and the freshest blockchain news. What you have to do is to install the pivot app on your phone.

Earning Method of Pivot.

You can easily earn from pivot in several ways.
You can get 10k power of cryptocurrency by just referring friends. Power is the main method of earning in pivot app.
You can make free bitcoin by just reading other posts.
You can get your reward in blockchain wallet.

How To Start.

1.First Visit Offer Page

2.Click On Login Via Google.

3.Now Choose Google Account.

4.In Next Step , You Get Option To Download App.

Pivot App

5.Download App & Open It.

6.Click On Login Now & It Will Detect Your Account.

How To Earn In The App.

1.You Have To Collect Power In App In To Redeem Bitcoins From App.

2.You Can Collect Power By Reading Articles In App As Well As Refering Friends.

3.Power Will Be Converted To Bitcoin Every Next Day According To Distribution.

4.They Will Distribute Daily 4 Bitcoins Among All Users , Higher Power User Get Higher Bitcoins.

How To Read Articles & Earn Power:-

1.On Home Page , Click On Any Article.

Pivot App

2.Scroll Article Till End.

3.At End Click On Get Read Power

Pivot App

4.You Will 200 Power Free By Reading Article In This Way.

Pivot App

5.You Can Earn Free 200 Power Everytime You Read Articles.

6.You Can Earn 4000 Power Daily Maximum By Reading Articles.

Note – Your Daily Power Will Get Converted To Bitcoins Value Next Day , Earn Maximum Power In A Day & Get Maximum Bitcoin Next Day , You Can Sell Bitcoins & Get Money In Bank EasilyEasily.

How To Refer Friends:-

1.Go To Profile Section.

Pivot App

2.Click On Invite Friends.

3.Share Your Link With Friends.

4.When Friend Download App , You Will Get 10000 Power.

5.You Will Also Earn 10% Referal Earnings Of Friend Too.

How To Redeem/Withdraw Bitcoin In App:-

1.On Every Next Day You Power Will Be 0.

2.You Will Earn Bitcoin Value According To Your Power.

Pivot App

3.You Can Check Balance From Wallet Section.

Pivot App

4.After That Enter Your Bitcoin Address & Redeem Your Bitcoin.

5.You Can Redeem Bitcoin In Any App Like Unocoin/Zebpay.

6.Bitcoin Can Be Resell & You Can Money Back In Bank Account Free.


Big Companies On Board.

Well Up to now, almost one hundred new companies and many business pioneers in blockchain industry have opened authority accounts in Pivot. What’s more, in excess of 100k financial specialists is utilizing Pivot to control their ventures.Pivot is free cryptocurrency earning app that can give you bitcoins free. Hope you like this bitcoin earning app.
Keep earning.


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