Jaybird Wireless Headphone Review 2019

Jaybird wireless headphone is very  important to get, a tight seal to maximize sound quality and not lose any bass, and to that end, Jaybird has included new tips and fins that promise a more comfortable, secure fit.  Jaybird premium sound Bluetooth headphones are the perfect accessory for athletes, runners, & fitness fanatics.

The Jaybird wireless headphones are exactly what you'd expect from a company that's been working on wireless headphones for years. They're comfortable, easy to use and they sound great. You'll pay a bit more than similar headphones -- even Apple's Airpods -- but it's worth it for fitness fanatics.

The little differences between wireless buds come down to the earpiece design. They need to stay in your ears reliably, there's no cord to save them from falling on the ground, after all and ideally, they should be comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time. This is one area where the Jaybird wireless headphone excels: It features the "fin" typically found on the brand's headphones, which fits into the upper groove of your ear to hold them in place. Once you get them in, it's hard to notice you're wearing them.

There are also three (3) different types of fin accessories, along with a finless one if you have very small ears. And as you'd imagine, the Run earbuds are both sweatproof and water resistant. Jaybird says they feature a "double hydrophobic nano coating" to deal with sweat, which is much tougher on gadgets than plain water.

The left earbud automatically connects to the right one over Bluetooth when you turn it on, and the sound carries over without any interruption. Everything sounds a bit compressed when you're just using the right earbud, but the audio field expands seamlessly once you turn on the left bud.

You don't have many options for controlling the Run. Each earbud has just one button. Powering them on and off takes one long press, but you can also skip forward to the next track by double-clicking them. The buttons are easy enough to find, but they're difficult to press. Pushing them simply felt painful, since doing so also jams the Run deeper into your ear. Because of that, I avoided the buttons entirely while wearing the earbuds.

The Jaybird wireless headphone was especially great for podcasts. Dialog sounded rich and natural, with none of the tinniness you get from some wireless headphones. And since podcasts are usually recorded at a much lower fidelity than music, they ended up being ideal for the Run's more limited audio range. I caught up on a big chunk of my podcast backlog while testing them, simply because they were so convenient to wear.

The good: Jaybird wireless headphone Tarah wireless sports headphones fit comfortably and securely, are fully waterproof and sound good. The inline remote is slim and lightweight and the companion app is well designed and allows you to tweak the sound.

The bad: It has a proprietary charging cable, so if you lose it, you can't charge the headphones. There's no carrying pouch included. Battery life is only average.

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