How To Improve Home Maintenance

If you are planning to move to a new house or still live in your old house with your parent or
whatever the case might be, maintaining the household facilities and equipment and it
surroundings is a continuous job you have to put into notice to ensure a high quality of health and
good living standard, but sadly today, many patient you see in the hospital are suffering from
diseases that was caused by careless and inadequate home maintenance actions, especially in the
African countries, where the disease cholera had affected many children and adult due to the poor
water supply and management systems, about 3.4 million deaths on water related issues are
recorded each year, this is more than the number of soldiers that die annually outside of big war,
people who live in overcrowded areas or dirty environments with a poor water channel are more
exposed to infections, if you are planning to move to this type of area or in a much good
environment with better surrounding keeping a good maintenance routine for your house would
prevent you from getting exposed to germs.

In this article we would be looking at some tips on getting your house fully maintained even when
you cannot afford to purchase some preservative, water dispenser or any other safe guard agents,
many think that there are no hack or alternatives for some expensive household materials, therefore
it is available, example instead of using water dispenser or spending money to purchase sachet
water you can boil water before you drink, the following are some tips on maintaining your
household without spending much.

  • Use Ash 
 You may be wondering what the ash can do in terms of fighting disease, try it and see for yourself, it

works more than Hypo or Jik because it kills all the germs in your toilet and also removes any bad
odour, while Jik could only fight germs without fully removing the bad odour in your toilet, this works in both pit toilet and the water system, if you live in a public apartment where everyone
shares the same toilet you can release some ashes in the toilet before you make use of it, this would
not only quench the smell, but it would also kill the bacteria, ash is a very good natural resource that
we can use without cost in our home, you do not mix your ash with any chemical before you begin
making use of it, it saves money, you can also use it to wash your pots back that is affected with
smoke from the fire, some traditional guys use ash to brush their teeth, it is said that those who
want their teeth to whiten use ash, you can try it too, many people today do not view using an ash
to brush the teeth as a good idea with the introduction of toothpaste however it does the same
work as toothpaste, if you do not use firewood to cook then you can do as others who learnt about
the importance of ashes by going out to the neighbours who burn firewood then gather them and
store in there house.

•Drink Clean Water .  

If you live in the rural area and your source of drinking water is either from the well or stream or
pump, it is very important to boil your water very well before you drink, if you do not want to pass
through the process of boiling the water and transferring into containers then you should make use
of water guards it is very important, some people disregard water guard because of the thirst it gives
on drinking water, this is due to the fact that the amount poured is much, some people tongue is
very sensitive to track down the thirst of water guard in water, if you fall into this category then fill in
your water in a bottle and keep under sunlight for a period of 5-8 hours, the light energy would kill
the bacteria and any other germs in it therefore making it safe for drinking.

•Wash Your Hands Always.   

Do you know that your hands get in contact with different objects more than any part of your body?,
that is why you should always wash and sanitize your hands before touching food, you may be
washing your hands always but you could not get it correctly, instead of washing your hands with
only water, also make use of soap to completely remove germs and stains from your hand, another
factor is making use of a water that is running down to wash your hands, if you washed your hands
in a bowl the dirty that leaves your hands would still go back to the same water in the bowl, if you
are travelling or you are not in a fixed position, then hand sanitizers should always be with you, if
you have kids at home you have to make sure they learn the habit of always washing their hands,
kids are easily infected because they play around touching anything they come across, for example
your kid might decide to go play around the toilet thereby carelessly rubbing their hands in the eyes
would result to another problem, most of the stomach aches your children suffer is due to infection,
also do not forget to wash your hands on every handshake, in other to encourage more hand wash,
get a bucket specifically made for washing of hands and fill it clean water so that everyone can easily
access it for hand washing.

• Dispose or Sell Invaluable Properties

If you have a lot of properties in your home and you are not making use of it, then it is time to
reduce your property in other to have more ventilation and space in your house, it is said that if you
have not used something for more than 6 months that means you do no longer need it, try as much
as possible to dispose or get them out of your home, if you pack a lot of stuffs in your home leaving
them untouched for long, pest and insecticides and some other animals would go live in there, and you would not like it if you notice that rats are hunting your home, or cockroaches had turned those
hips of properties into their hideout, they would attract other animals including snake into visiting
these hideout.

Clear Bushes And Make Way for Water Drainage

It is dangerous to allow grass and other unwanted plants to keep forming bushes around your house,
in other to avoid dangerous animals to invade your house, if you have anywhere around your house
with a non moving water which has remained there for long seek for a solution to the problem, you
can create a path for the dormant water to pass in other to avoid mosquitos and other dangerous
diseases to get close to your household, especially children, they work barefooted sometimes, if
they get in contact with diseases like Malaria, Parasites worms and others, that would be sad, make
sure to keep the surrounding areas clean in other to control diseases in your house.

Here are some quick tips on maintaining your house.

1. Apply Vanish to your any wooden material in your home
2. Do not keep your generator close to your window neither should the smoke point in the 
direction of the in other to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning
3. Close all foods very well and warm it well before eaten the next day
4. Participate in the monthly sanitation
5. Separate each bucket according to the purpose they serve.

Wrapping up:
Your health is important so it is good to maintain your household materials in other not to 
reduce the quality of life, go through these hacks on getting a perfect house maintenance

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