How To Identify Fake Whatsapp Messages

Sending  a fake message on Whatsapp is very very simple. Fake Whatsapp messages can be sent knowingly or unknowingly. This is actually where the privacy of social media platforms comes into consideration.

The rising number of fake and forwarded messages all over  social media, especially Whatsapp is a matter of concern for the user as well as social media platforms. It is very difficult for us to distinguish between a fake Whatsapp message or a real one, which at the end might land us into serious trouble sometimes.

I know that you've actually waited to learn how to identify fake Whatsapp  messages. Well, below are some simple ways in which you  can easily identify fake Whatsapp messages.
First of all, not all forwarded messages are bad or fake. Some are genuinely true while others are not. Considerable number of Whatsapp forwarded  messages are full of rumors and misleading information.

Ways To Spot Fake Whatsapp Messages.

  1. Check For Forwarded Label;  
  • If there's a forwarded label on the message which was sent, it simply means that the message was not composed by the sender himself but someone else.
  • Always check a received message if it also has the "FORWARDED" label at the top.
  • 77% of  Whatsapp forwarded messages are full of rumors and fake information,so the forwarded label should serve more important.
This feature is only available for some countries for now and it is likely to be introduced to other countries. 

       2. Google Out The Subject Of The News;  
  • It's really a privilege to have Google. You can easily Google out a point within some seconds.
  • This is very easy, just copy and paste on your Google search box and the truth will be out.
  • Make sure you verify a news before you raise confusion and doubts in the mind of others..
  • Always Google your information no matter how close the person is to you before you spread it.  

       3. Check If The Image Is Photoshop;
  • Sometimes, the photo might be real but the news is fake.
  • Common sense will let you make the right decision.
  • Shadows and lightening shows a very vital role in images.
  • Check the image background.    


Fake Whatsapp messages/news can have drastic and often fatal consequences.  It's up to us to take charge and to be vigilant  when it comes to sharing information online.
Always verify the source before sharing messages on WhatsApp and when in doubt, just wait to check if the news is shared on other popular outlets. Mass media can be a powerful medium, we should learn to use it responsibly.

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