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Amazing Features Of Samsung Galaxy Fold

Nothing is more typical about the way this amazing Samsung Galaxy Fold looks like and how it works.

The fold is the company's first foldable phone and it hits stores in April 26. The phone is very flexible on the screen and serves both. Smartphone and a tablet, it opens like a note book and with it's front and back panels connected by a custom-designed hinge.

The Samsung Fold's battery is one that really amaze me a lot. The Galaxy Fold has 4,380mAh dual battery, which actually means it has two batteries, one on each side of the phone.

Many smartphone offers lengthy battery life but no one is quite superior to this Samsung Galaxy Fold.
It's mind blowing.

The Galaxy Fold has some enormous potential and it's actually paving the way for an entirely new kind of smartphone.
We'll look into some of its features.

The phone came with a 7.30-inch touchscreen and a primary display with a resolution of 1556 x 2152 pixcels and also it's second display with a resolution…