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What is PFN_LIST_CORRUPT error and how to fix it

The Pfn_list_corrrupt blue screen is caused when the page frame number (PFN) is corrupt. PFN is used by hard drive in order to determine the location of each files your have on the physical disk. When this error is caused while passing a bad memory descriptor list, it could either be a temporary or permanent error.

Well, you don't have to panic anymore because in this post, you'll see suggestions on how to fix the blue screen error on your windows 7/8/10 computer.
But first, you need to know this that when you get a BSOD error, the power connection to your computer must not be interrupted.

When creating a dumb from 0% to 100% and it takes more than 5-10 minutes for the screen to turn off, you should force shut down of your computer by pressing and holding the power key for 10seconds or until the CPU light goes off.

When that is done, we'll now see how to stop the error.
Let's look into the solution.

How To Stop PFN_List_Corrupt Error 

Use Blue Screen Troubleshooter
For …