Exploding Kittens Game (A-Z Guide)

   Exploding Kittens game is a  card game designed by Elan Lee, Matthew Inman and created by . The first play test of this amazing Exploding Kittens was recorded on YouTube by Smosh Games.

Let's save history for another day. Let's just go straight to the point cause I want you to know how to play this interesting game.
Below are the rules and guides on how to play this Exploding Kittens game. After reading this important rule, I'm sure you'll enjoy it and you will come back to thank me cause I know you will love it.

Exploding Kittens Game Guide.

All the cards are put into a deck, same for defuse and Exploding Kittens Cards. The deck is the shuffled and each player draws 7 cards and it takes a defuse card. Those Exploding Kittens cards will be shuffled back into the deck so that the number of the Exploding Kittens cards in the deck is one less than the number of the players.Remaining of those defuse cards are to be put back in the deck. Then a turn order is decided by the players.

The players can play as many cards from their hand as they like when it's their turn before drawing a card. Each player should not tell anyone other player he's playing with and what card is in their hand. The cards that are already played are put into a discarded pile.

Exploding Kittens have  a list of different cards which are used in playing the game.
Let's talk about them.

List of cards;

  • EXPLODING KITTENS: Eliminate the player that draws it and putting them permanently  out of the game.
  • DEFUSE: It allows the player that draws an Exploding Kittens card to put the card back in the deck in whatever location they may choose. This location will be kept a secret from other players playing the game, that's why it is a game.
  • NOPE: Nagate the card that was just played except Exploding Kittens and defuse.This can be played by any player at anytime and also nope card can be nagated by another nope card.
  • ATTACH: This ends the player's turn without drawing a card and forces the next player in the next player in order to take two turns in a row. Always remember that is a player is affected by an attach card plays another attached card on the first turn. Both of their turns are ended without drawing.
  • SKIP: This ends the player's turn without drawing the card. Note that if a skip card is played by a single player affected by the attached card, it will only end one of the two turns.
  • FAVOR: This forces another who player who played this card for his own hand. The player who's affected by the card will have to choose the card to give.
  • SHUFFLE: Shuffle the deck until told to stop by another player. The player of the card may not view any card in the deck while shuffling.
  • SEE THE FUTURE: This allows the player to see the top three (3) in the deck and the player of this card may not say what cards 
  • COMBO CAT CARD: Useless alone, but with two, a player can steal a random card from an opponent and if they are 3, the player can ask the players for a specific card. If the cat card are from the pile.
In addition to the cards I mentioned above, there are some cards that do not have any effect when played on their own. Each of the deck has five types of these cards and four (4) cards of each type of card (known as a pair) are played at the same time by a player and that player can play a card from the hand of their choice. Any player that plays a pair may not see the cards in the other players hand.

In the Exploding Kittens game, there are 20 new cards which include;
  • IMPLODING KITTENS: When this card is drawn, the player puts back the draw pile face up. If  a player has no choice but to draw the card face up, the player will implode and lose the game. This card cannot be noped or be defused.
  • TARGETED ATTACH: This automatically ends the player's turn without drawing a card and allows to attach any player who is forced  to take two turns in a row.
  • ALTER THE FUTURE: This allows the player's to switch and see the order of the top 3 cards in the deck.
  • DRAW FROM THE BOTTOM: This ends the player's turn by drawing the card in the pile from the bottom.
  • RESERVE: It reserve the order of play and end your turn without drawing the game .
  • FERAL CAT: Useless alone, and this can be used by any cat card in a combination.

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